• Hide underarm and armpit fat in swimsuit

    Best swimsuits to hide underarm fat and armpit fat

    Are you tired of feeling self-conscious about your underarm fat and armpit fat when you’re at the beach or pool? It’s a common issue that many women face, but there’s no need to let it hold you back from enjoying your time in the sun. In this article, we’ll be exploring the best swimsuits to …

  • Beach Breakfast Ideas To Try In San Francisco

    San Francisco’s coastline is a breathtaking sight, and there’s nothing better than starting your day with a delicious breakfast while taking in the ocean views. While the city has plenty of great breakfast spots, the beachside ones are particularly special.  From historic restaurants to cozy cafes, here are some of the spots where you can …

  • Should you tan wet or dry

    Should You Tan Wet Or Dry?

    Tanning is a process of exposing your skin to ultraviolet light for cosmetic reasons or to produce vitamin D. Whether you’re a fan of the sun-kissed glow or trying to avoid the aging effects of UV, you must decide how you want to tan. One of the biggest questions is whether you should tan wet …

  • How much does swimwear weigh

    How much does swimwear weigh?

    How much does swimwear weigh? The question might seem oddly specific. but once you realize that there are numerous reasons why one might want to know how much their swimsuit or swim trunks weigh it’s not such a strange question anymore.  In this post, we’ll dive into the question of how much different types of …

  • Keep a strapless bandeau bikini top in place

    How to Keep a Strapless Bandeau Bikini Top in Place?

    There’s a reason that both bandeau and triangle bikini tops are consistently among the top swimwear styles chosen: they are both versatile, fashionable, and flattering. Strapless necklines are also still going strong, thanks to the rise of bandeau dresses and corsets. Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski have become the poster girls for the 2022 tube top movement that’s expected to …

  • How to stretch a bikini bottom

    How to stretch out bikini bottoms?

    For some of us, the chance to wear swimwear rarely arises. Our swimsuits remain firmly tucked away in the swimsuit drawer until Summer arises or a friend invites us to pool pilates. Suddenly, you’re faced with the prospect of trying on last year’s swimsuit, and we all know how much our bodies can change day to day, …

  • Dri fit for swimming

    Dri Fit for Swimming

    While first invented for golfers in 1991, Nike first released its Dri-FIT line of products to the general public in the early 2000s. Since, it’s gone down a hit with athletes who enjoy the performance-boosting effects of having sweat expertly wicked away from their skin, allowing it to evaporate while keeping them cool.  The short answer …

  • Fix a faded swimsuit

    How to Fix a Fading Swimsuit in Minutes

    It happens. You purchase the dazzling swimsuit of your dreams. It’s vivid, eye-catching, and just the right color – you’re in love. Then the inevitable heart-shattering event occurs. You sport it confidently to the beach just once, and you take home a different swimsuit. It looks a little off-color, drab, dull – you might even call it …

  • Hide lips in swimsuit

    How to Hide your Lips in a Swimsuit?

    It happens. You’ve hunted down, found, and bought the swimsuit of your dreams. So far, so good until you try it on and your anatomy turns against you. Sometimes, it really just is a matter of having larger labia, other times, it’s due to the swimsuit. Either way, you’re facing down cameltoe, which we’re not going to …

  • How to make a bikini top smaller

    No-sew Solutions to Make your Bikini Top Smaller

    Bikini tops are tricky. They fit under the category of “smalls” but are also expected to hold fast and offer support like a standard swimsuit. That’s precisely why they need to fit to perfection.  Bikini bottoms with strings can be tied tighter or in different styles to make them fit better. If your bikini top is …

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