• Can you wear jeans at the beach

    Can you wear jeans at the beach?

    The short answer Wearing regular jeans at the beach on a hot summer day is probably not a good idea. However, as we’ve seen there are actually many occasions where doing so might be a good choice. My own opinion on wearing jeans at the beach Personally, I’m not a fan of using jeans on …

  • Is it okey to wear speedos at the beach

    Is It Okay To Wear Speedos At The Beach?

    When it comes to choosing swimwear for the beach or pool, there are a lot of options to consider. From swim shorts to board shorts to jammers and more, there are countless styles and designs to choose from. However, one type of swimwear that often sparks debate and controversy is the classic speedo. Some people …

  • How to clean and care for your swim cap

    How to clean and care for your swim cap

    Swim caps are notorious for not lasting very long either because they simply break or because they are deemed to be too dirty. To avoid this and prolong the life of wearing a swim cap one should take good care of it as well as clean it properly. In this article, we’ll talk about the …

  • Should you tan wet or dry

    Should You Tan Wet Or Dry?

    Tanning is a process of exposing your skin to ultraviolet light for cosmetic reasons or to produce vitamin D. Whether you’re a fan of the sun-kissed glow or trying to avoid the aging effects of UV, you must decide how you want to tan. One of the biggest questions is whether you should tan wet …

  • How much does swimwear weigh

    How much does swimwear weigh?

    How much does swimwear weigh? The question might seem oddly specific. but once you realize that there are numerous reasons why one might want to know how much their swimsuit or swim trunks weigh it’s not such a strange question anymore.  In this post, we’ll dive into the question of how much different types of …

  • Why swim trunks inflate

    Why swim trunks inflate and how to avoid it

    Swim trunks inflating, also known as “wedgie of the sea” or “ballooning,” is a common and annoying phenomenon that can occur while swimming. Not only can it be embarrassing, but it can also be difficult to deflate the swim trunks without drawing attention to the situation. In this article, we’ll explore why swim trunks inflate …

  • My thoughts on Orlebar Brown Bulldogs

    My thoughts on the Orlebar Brown Bulldog swim trunks

    This past summer I bought a pair of Orlebar Brown Bulldog swim trunks. This is my review and thoughts on the trunks and purchase experience. Spoiler alert, they are fantastic! What are the Orlebar Brown Bulldogs? The Bulldogs are a line of swim trunks by Orlebar Brown that are designed to provide a comfortable and …

  • Tan through swimwear

    Tan through swimwear

    Tan through is the latest hype in swimwear! What are tan through swimwear Tan through swimwear is a type of swimsuit that allows tanning to occur through the fabric. This is accomplished by using a special fabric that allows ultraviolet light to pass through it, resulting in a tan. Tan through swimwear is becoming increasingly …

  • Fathers day swim trunks

    9 best swim trunks for father’s day

    This summer, the sun has been hotter than ever before. Everyone is looking for; how to combat the scorching heat of summer? None of the answers will hit you until you are stuck with the idea of a beach summer trip. It is all you need to take off from the hectic summers and hectic …

  • Best swim trunks for muscular legs

    Best swim trunks for muscular legs

    Wearing the swim trunks that give you comfort and style is a major confidence booster on a fun day out at the beach. If you want to purchase the best swim trunks for muscular legs, you may want to look for the swim trunks that complement your body type and fashion choice. The best swim …

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