• Fathers day swim trunks

    9 best swim trunks for father’s day

    This summer, the sun has been hotter than ever before. Everyone is looking for; how to combat the scorching heat of summer? None of the answers will hit you until you are stuck with the idea of a beach summer trip. It is all you need to take off from the hectic summers and hectic …

  • Best swim trunks for muscular legs

    Best swim trunks for muscular legs

    Wearing the swim trunks that give you comfort and style is a major confidence booster on a fun day out at the beach. If you want to purchase the best swim trunks for muscular legs, you may want to look for the swim trunks that complement your body type and fashion choice. The best swim …

  • What to wear with blue swim trunks

    What to wear with blue swim trunks?

    Looking good and attractive is not just about clothing or how your outlook is but is more about how you combine your outfit. How you wear pants with shirts and Tees, if you like wearing jewelry or not, all need consideration of the occasion, place, and how comfortable you are in them. When dressing up …

  • How often should you wash swim trunks

    How often should you wash swim trunks?

    We’ve talked extensively about how to wash and dry swim trunks. If you’ve missed it here’s a quick summary. Swim trunks should be washed according to the wash label. In addition, they should be rinsed after use and should be dried properly. If you’ve read our other articles on how to wash swim trunks or …

  • Can you wash swim trunks with other clothes

    Can you wash swim trunks with other clothes?

    We want it to be easy to wash swim trunks. That’s why we have several guides on care instruction, washing swim trunks as well as on how to dry swim trunks. Still, we get the question, can swim trunks be washed with other clothes? Yes, swim trunks can be washed with other clothes as long …

  • Swim trunks vs running shorts

    Swim trunks vs. running shorts

    The summer is here, and people get in shape to look their best, especially when swimming. Many people run in parks, streets, beaches, etc. Some wear full tracksuits for running while others prefer wearing shorts or swim trunks with a T-Shirt.  Though there isn’t much difference between the two others than the cutting or material, still there …

  • Best swim trunks for swimming laps

    Best swim trunks for swimming laps

    Are you a competitive lap swimmer? If yes, you must pay special attention to the swimwear you are wearing on the competition day or when practicing. It is because your swim trunks can play a key role in either making you win or lose the competition by merely a millisecond. You must be wondering; how …

  • Best swim trunks for skinny legs

    Best swim trunks for skinny legs

    Let’s start from the beginning, all men are different and no two bodies are the same. Therefore, there is no one answer for all men who are looking for swim trunks. It’s highly individual. In this post, we will still try to answer the question; what are the best swim trunks for skinny legs? Do …

  • Yellow swim trunks

    Yellow swim trunks

    Recreational swimming has been a great pastime during the summer. Droves of people visit pools and beaches yearly during the hot weather to cool off and relax. What is a summer without plunging in the water and cooling off? Going to the beach or enjoying a poolside party is incomplete without dressing up for the …

  • How to get smell out of swim trunks

    How to get the smell out of swim trunks?

    Swim trunks are the most comfortable swimwear you can ever style as your long day wear when spending a day at the beach or the swimming club. They come in a wide variety of designs and colors; you must get the one you like and style it to create an ideal swimmer look. However, it’s …

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