• What material are swim trunks made of

    What material are swim trunks made of?

    It’s obvious for most people that swim trunks are not made from the same material as you normal clothes. The material used in swim trunks have other characteristics, better suited for swimming. But what material are swim trunks made of? The most common standard material for swim trunks is Polyester, Nylon and Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT). …

  • different types of mens swim trunks

    Different types of men’s swim trunks

    There is a variety of men’s swimwear that is available, depending on the type of holiday they are looking for, or for those that are looking for something professional for water sports. We are firm believers that multiple pieces of swimwear should be owned by the modern man so that they are always ready for …

  • Best swim trunks under $50

    Best swim trunks under $50

    Finding the perfect pair of swim trunks is not easy. You don’t want to spend all your money on the most expensive designer swim trunks and you don’t want to buy the cheapest boring trunks either. That’s why a lot of men look for the perfect swim trunks for under $50. Here you can find …

  • Swim shorts pockets

    Swim shorts pockets

    In this guide we will go through the different kinds of pockets for swim shorts and the usage of them all. It’s summer time! Swimming season is our favorite time of year because we get to show off the swim shorts that are fun, bright and beautiful. We spend more hours in these shorts than …

  • Pocket inside swim shorts

    Why is there a pocket inside men’s swim shorts?

    There is often a small pocket inside mens swim shorts, what is it really for? I’m sure you’ve seen it before, the small pocket, often made from the same mesh as the inner netting. Most swim shorts have it yet very few people know the use and benefits of it. Some people even wondering if …

  • How to measure shorts

    How to measure shorts (Guide with photos)

    How to measure shorts How to properly measure a pair of shorts? Have you ever tried to measure a pair of shorts but didn’t know the difference between outset and inseam? Or didn’t know if the waist was to be measured around or just from the shorts side to side?  In this guide we will help …

  • striped swim shorts

    Striped swim shorts

    Striped swim shorts, always in style  Striped swim shorts! Like many years before, this is the year for striped swim trunks. Stripes are timeless and never goes out of style. Striped swim trunks is a sure bet and ensures that you look great at any beach or pool party where ever you are in the …

  • How many swim shorts

    How many swim shorts for vacation

    How many swim shorts to bring for vacation? Below you can see how many swim shorts you need to pack for your trip. Of course the destination and amount of activity on the trip will affect how many swim shorts you should bring. If you’re uncertain about how many you should bring just shoot us …

  • Pink designer swim shorts

    Mens pink swim shorts

    The summer is here and with it comes lazy days by the pool, amazing days on the beach, nice hangouts at the bar and pink swim shorts. And with this it easily comes to the fact that you will be using the same swim trunks all day. From the floaty in the pool in the …

  • Mesh lining inside board shorts

    Board shorts with and without liner [Complete guide 2021]

    Board shorts and swim trunks can come with or without liner, an inner mesh lining. This liner causes a lot of questions and debates about best practice and use. In this post we’ll go over and try to answer all questions related to board shorts and liners and also tell you the pros and cons …

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