• Why do swim trunks have mesh

    Why do swim trunks have mesh netting?

    Swim trunks are a crucial part of every man’s summer wardrobe. Some men have just one favorite pair of swim trunks while other guys have several swim trunks to change around. Swim trunks might seem very straightforward, it’s trunks that you use when going in the water. What else is there to add? Many guys …

  • Can you run in swim trunks

    Can you run in swim trunks?

    The temperature is rising and the summer season is here. In parks and on the streets we see more and more people out running. Some are happy amateurs who run to stay healthy while others are high-performance athletes. Whether it be someone who runs for a living or just to get out of the apartment, …

  • Can you wear swim trunks more than once

    Can you wear swim trunks more than once?

    The summer is here and many guys spend a majority of the summertime in their swim trunks. It’s no secret that too many guys only have 1 pair of swim trunks. It’s not easy to know how often swim trunks need to be washed. This opens up the question of if you can wear swim …

  • How much do swim trunks slow you down

    How much do swim trunks slow you down?

    Competitive swimming often comes down to milliseconds. Athletes often practice several times per day to become the best swimmer they can be. What many often overlook is the fact that swim trunks slow you down when swimming. Therefore it’s important to understand how much swim trunks slow you down. In this article, we will dive …

  • Jammers vs swim trunks

    Jammers vs swim trunks, what’s the difference?

    Jammers vs swim trunks, what really is the difference? In this post, we’ll dive deeper into 2 specific types of swim trunks; jammers and swim trunks. We’ll explore the differences and commonalities. We hope that this post can help you to learn more about jammers vs swim trunks and which can be right for you. …

  • How to get wrinkles out of swim trunks

    How to get wrinkles out of swim trunks?

    Swim trunks bring out true summer feelings. Many guys look and feel their best in swim trunks! That’s why it’s important that your swim trunks look flawless when you are wearing them. Wrinkly swim trunks can ruin your whole outfit. No one wants to have wrinkled swim trunks – it just looks unkept. That’s why …

  • How to buy swim trunks

    How to buy swim trunks?

    So you’re in the market for new swim trunks? Maybe you’re planning a long-awaited trip to the tropical beaches of the Caribbean, or maybe you’ve just decided it’s finally time to invest in a quality pair of swim trunks that will last you more than a couple of months. Whatever your reason you might wonder …

  • Tie swim trunks

    Tie swim trunks

    Most swim trunks and board shorts have some form of a drawstring. The question of how to tie swim trunks or board shorts might seem very straightforward, you just tie them right? However, as you’ll see in this post there is much more to it than just tying your swim trunks.  Nothing is as relaxing …

  • How long should swim trunks be

    How long should swim trunks be?

    How long should men’s swim trunks be? This “How long should swim trunks be?” is a question that we get a lot. There is no right or wrong answer, it is simply a matter of preference. Some men prefer their swim trunks to be shorter, while others prefer them to be longer. It really varies …

  • Swim trunks with elastic waistband

    Swim trunks with elastic waistband

    Swim trunks’ elastic waistband, often with drawstrings, is what many times identifies swim trunks. Most swim trunks today are fairly similar when it comes to the basic design of the trunks. They are often made from specific material with an elastic waistband and drawstrings to adjust the waist. This common design makes swim trunks comfortable …

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