• Can you wear leggings in a pool

    Can You Wear Leggings In A Pool?

    For many people, the idea of wearing leggings in a swimming pool seems outrageous. Surely the material will absorb too much water and weigh you down? However, there are some leggings made specifically for pools that can actually be quite flattering and comfortable to swim in. So, can you wear leggings in a swimming pool? …

  • Remove sticker residue from swimsuit

    How to remove sticker residue from swimsuit

    Have you ever experienced sticker residue or leftover adhesive in the crotch area of your swimsuit? This is a common problem when removing the hygienic sticker that swimsuits or bikini bottoms usually come with. Fortunately, there are some easy solutions to this problem that helps you get rid of the residue easily! In this article, …

  • Best swimsuit for hip dips

    Best Swimsuits for Hip Dips

    Hip dips have been dominating the discussion about women’s beauty standards recently. Some people think they’re beautiful, while others view them as something to hide. In reality, they’re a naturally occurring quirk of the body that are just like dimples – completely unique and beautiful in their own way. That said, when bringing a swimsuit …

  • Bodysuit vs swimsuit

    Bodysuit vs. swimsuit

    Bodysuits, swimsuits, and leotards are all garments that follow a similar design pattern but have different intended uses. While they’re all figure-hugging, form-fitting, and tend to cover the mid-section of the body, it’s their materials that truly set them apart. Still, their purposes can become overlapped, and we might find ourselves eyeing up that bodysuit …

  • Can you wear a sarong in water

    Can you wear a sarong in water?

    A sarong is a very popular cover-up used with a swimsuit or a bikini. It offers many benefits  including: Modest coverage: A sarong can provide additional coverage, making it a good choice for those who prefer more modest swimwear. Protection from the sun: It can be used as a wrap to protect the skin from …

  • How to pack a wet swimsuit

    How to pack a wet swimsuit

    I’m sure we’ve all been there. Having to pack a wet swimsuit into a bag or suitcase. Maybe it’s because you wanted to take that last dip in the ocean before going home from your vacation. Or you’re just an avid swimmer who goes to and from the pool after practice.  Whatever the reason, it’s …

  • How to cover nipples in a swimsuit

    9 secrets to covering your nipples in a swimsuit

    Summer is here, and with it comes the desire to hit the beach or pool in a stylish swimsuit. But for many women, the idea of baring their nipples in a swimsuit can be uncomfortable or even embarrassing. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to cover your nipples while still looking fashionable. In this …

  • Avoid camel toe in swimsuit

    9 Secret to Avoiding Camel Toe in Swimsuits and Bikinis

    It’s summertime and you are ready to hit the beach looking your absolute best. A camel toe in a swimsuit or bikini could ruin any great outfit or look. If you’ve experienced cameltoing before, or you are keen to not experience it in the future, this is the article for you. Realizing you’re having a …

  • Smaller and smaller swimsuits

    Why are Swimsuits so Small?

    In recent years, it seems that swimsuits have been getting smaller and smaller. From teeny-tiny bikinis to ultra-revealing one-pieces, it’s hard to miss the trend of revealing swimwear. But where did this trend come from and why are swimsuits becoming so small? In this article, we’ll take a look at the brief history of swimsuits, …

  • Swimsuit vs. swim suit

    Which is Correct? “Swimsuit” or “Swim Suit”?

    Swimsuit or swim suit? The age-old question has been around for almost as long as the garment itself. In this post, we will figure out the right way to write swimsuit vs swim suit. Short answer Swimsuit or swim suit? The right and most common way to write swimsuit is as one word. However, it’s …

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