• How to shrink a swimsuit

    How to shrink swimsuit?

    Reasons why one might want to shrink a swimsuit There are a few reasons why someone might want to shrink their swimsuit. Maybe the swimsuit is too big and doesn’t fit well, or maybe it’s been stretched out from being worn too often. Whatever the reason, there are a few ways to shrink a swimsuit …

  • Worlds most expensive swimsuit

    World’s most expensive swimsuit

    We’ve previously established that swimsuits can be very pricy. Most people pay under $50 for their swimsuits, while others can pay upwards of $150. However, in the world of luxury, there are some swimsuits that stand out. So, what is the most expensive swimsuit in the world? What is the most expensive swimsuit in the …

  • Why are swimsuits so expensive

    Why are swimsuits so expensive?

    We all love our swimsuits and probably wish we could afford to have a few more than we do, right? Well as you might know, swimsuits aren’t the cheapest to buy. The average swimsuit cost is $20-$50, but it’s very common that swimsuits cost upwards of $100. This could be compared to other clothing like …

  • How much should you spend on a swimsuit

    How much to spend on a swimsuit?

    Swimsuits are an essensionl part of ones summer outfit. Swimsuits can be bought for a variety of prices. How much one should spend on a swimsuit depends on how often the swimsuit will be worn and how long it will last. The ability to spend and slurge on a swimsuit is very individual. Some people …

  • How to get sand out of your swimsuit

    How to Get Sand Out of a Swimsuit

    Sand, sea, and sun… it’s a magical combo and the perfect ingredients for any leisurely day spent at the beach. However, we all know that sand can be troublesome among the bunch, and especially when mixed with swimsuits. Because really, sand finds its way into every little crevice, crack, and closure and leaves us asking, “How do …

  • Swimsuit materials

    What material are swimsuits made of?

    While complex in design and style, swimsuits tend to be interestingly simple in material makeup. Still, to stretch but not get stretched out while allowing water to wash over their surface – there must be an innovative blend beneath their beach-ready surface. So, what materials are swimsuits made of? Most swimsuits are made from polyester, nylon, …

  • How to get sunscreen out of your swimsuit

    How to Get Sunscreen out of Your Swimsuit

    Sunscreen is a necessary evil. It keeps our skin safe against the sun’s UV rays. So, when it stains our clothes or swimsuits – and it often does – we can find forgiveness. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t want these pesky stains gone, and fortunately, there are plenty of handy tricks for getting sunscreen …

  • Can you wear someone elses swimsuit

    Can You Wear Someone Else’s Swimsuit?

    It happens. You arrive at the beach, rummage through your beach bag, and it’s nowhere to be seen. You’ve left your swimsuit behind – not ideal. But all hope is not lost – there’s always the option of wearing a spear suit! And that’s when the question inevitably arises “Can I wear someone else’s swimsuit?” …

  • swimsuit vs bikini

    Swimsuit vs. Bikini: What’s the Difference?

    When it comes to swimwear, there’s one topic of debate that never ceases: “Are swimsuits or bikinis better?” But, of course, when we pose this question, what we’re really asking is, “are one-piece or two-piece swimsuits better?” At Decisive Swimwear, we have loads of opinions about swimwear. So, we’ve decided to put the swimsuit vs bikini questions …

  • Where are you allowed and not allowed to wear a bikini or swimsuit

    Where are bikinis allowed and not allowed?

    With the summer just around the corner, many people are getting their bikini bodies ready. If you are going to a new location or traveling abroad you might wonder if the rules for bikinis are the same and if you will be able to wear your bikini as usual. Bikinis are allowed in many places, …

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