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One of the most useful items when selecting your swim trunks is having a handy swim trunks size chart. This helps eliminate the unfortunate situation of finding a pair of swim trunks you think you will fit into, only to find that they are either too big or too small. 

Having a proper swim trunks size chart can help navigate the swim trunks sizing arena, and help navigate how different companies and countries may size their swim trunks.

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Swim trunks size calculator

Swim Trunk Size Calculator

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Looking for the perfect swim trunks? Our calculator tool can help! Simply enter your height and weight, and we'll provide you with your swim trunk size. With our easy-to-use calculator, finding the right swim trunks has never been easier. Whether you're hitting the beach or lounging by the pool, our swim trunk size calculator has got you covered. So why wait? Try it out today and find your perfect fit!

When it comes to buying swim trunks online, finding the right size is crucial. Not only will properly fitting swim trunks be more comfortable to wear, but they'll also look better on you. Swim trunks that are too small can be constricting and uncomfortable, while swim trunks that are too large can be baggy and unflattering. By using our calculator tool to find the right swim trunk size, you can be sure that you're getting a pair that fits you perfectly. Additionally, knowing your swim trunk size can make it easier to shop online, as you can filter your search results to only include swim trunks in your size. So don't take a chance on an ill-fitting pair of swim trunks - use our calculator tool to find the perfect fit!

How to measure?

We've written a complete guide on how to measure your swim trunks.

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Swim trunks size guide

When you’re done browsing some of the latest available styles for swim trunks and you’re finally able to start planning holidays on some sandy beach, you get to the pair that you want and it asks for your size? 

The first question you ask yourself is what size swimming trunks do I need? You realise that it's been a while since you've seen a beach and that maybe you've gained some extra weight since the last time you wore swim trunks. "How to know my swim trunks size" becomes a deeper question than simply selecting one of the available sizes. Is it based on your pants size? Is it based on something else? 

Not all swim trunks are made the same, and even if you have a men's swim trunks size chart on hand, it may not readily translate over to where you're buying it from. It may be best at times to have some actual measurements handy, and use them as a guideline when buying your swim trunks online. Before any measuring is done though, you need to consider what type of swimwear are you going for? 

If you're looking for a speedo or something like swim shorts, you will be looking for a more form-fitting size, and they are built to be snug and hug your body. If you're looking for a baggier fit, then it's important to get proper measurements done to make sure that not only do you look good, but also feel good. 

You want to be able to find a pair that ends up being your second set of skin for a long day of fun in the sun. it's all about being able to have a pair of swim trunks that you can wear at the beach in the morning, on a yacht for a nice brunch, and an evening soiree that goes on into the early morning. Having a comfortable pair of swim trunks is critical to achieving this, as you don't want to stop the fun because you need to switch out of your swimwear. 

By taking the time to look at our men's swim trunks size chart, you will be able to ultimately find that perfect pair based on your lifestyle and feel completely fulfilled about your decision and how you will be perceived out there at your holiday destination. Even if you're not looking for a pair for some far off destination, but simply want to have a pair of high quality swim trunks for working out at the local pool, it's even more important to have the right size every time. 

For those that are looking for swim trunks for working out in a pool, having the right size can help make your swim trunks last. You’re doing a lot of activity when you’re swimming to work out, and you’re rotating and moving quickly through the water. You want to be able to properly swim and that means having a proper fitting swim trunk for that activity. 

Simply put when asking yourself what size swimming trunks do I need? The one that fits with your body type. By taking the extra effort to do some measurements beforehand and being honest with your body type, you won't have to keep doing returns for your swim trunks all the time. 

Take a moment to look at a proper swim trunks size chart to inform yourself on how to buy the right sized swim trunk. You would be surprised how often people will buy the wrong size, and by knowing these tricks, you will be able to properly assess the right size regardless of brand or where you are in the world. 

If you are not able to try the swim trunks immediately, and you are in-between sizes, the safer option is to go one size higher. Swim trunks in general tend to run a bit tighter and smaller when being sized up. That means if you're usually between a medium and a large, go for the large. It should fit better than the smaller size. 

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