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  • How to machine wash a swimsuit

    How to machine wash a swimsuit?

    We often spend considerable time and money when selecting the perfect swimsuit. Once we’ve found it we want to make sure to take good care of it. One of the most important steps in keeping your swimsuit in mint condition is to wash it properly. There are different ways one can wash a swimsuit. The …

  • How to wash a swimsuit

    This article will go through everything there is to know about how to wash a swimsuit. Coming soon.

  • Padding in swimsuits

    Padding in Swimsuits: Pros and Cons

    Do swimsuits have padding? Padding can be found in both the bust and butt areas of swimsuits, and it comes in a variety of different thicknesses. This padding is used to provide more support and coverage for the wearer, as well as to create a smooth, sleek look. Padding can also help to prevent any …

  • What to wear if you don't have a swimsuit

    What to wear if you don’t have a swimsuit?

    It’s summertime, and that means swimming! If you are on vacation or have planned way ahead, you are most likely well prepared and have brought one or even several swimsuits. But during summer, you might also find yourself in situations where swimming is all of a sudden the next activity. Summer is the time for …

  • Why are swimsuits so revealing

    Why are swimsuits so revealing?

    Swimsuits have been around for centuries, and their design has changed a great deal over that time. In the early days, swimsuits were made to cover as much of the body as possible, a trend that continued well into the 20th century. However, in recent years swimsuits have become more and more revealing, a change …

  • How many swimsuits for vacation

    How many swimsuits for vacation?

    It’s that time of the year again! It’s time for some well-deserved vacation. You’ve packed your bag, made your travel itinerary and you’re almost ready to go. But there’s just one thing left to do- decide how many swimsuits to bring! The number of swimsuits you should bring on vacation depends on the type of …

  • Fathers day swim trunks

    9 best swim trunks for father’s day

    This summer, the sun has been hotter than ever before. Everyone is looking for; how to combat the scorching heat of summer? None of the answers will hit you until you are stuck with the idea of a beach summer trip. It is all you need to take off from the hectic summers and hectic …

  • Best swim trunks for muscular legs

    Best swim trunks for muscular legs

    Wearing the swim trunks that give you comfort and style is a major confidence booster on a fun day out at the beach. If you want to purchase the best swim trunks for muscular legs, you may want to look for the swim trunks that complement your body type and fashion choice. The best swim …

  • What to wear with blue swim trunks

    What to wear with blue swim trunks?

    Looking good and attractive is not just about clothing or how your outlook is but is more about how you combine your outfit. How you wear pants with shirts and Tees, if you like wearing jewelry or not, all need consideration of the occasion, place, and how comfortable you are in them. When dressing up …

  • How often should you wash swim trunks

    How often should you wash swim trunks?

    We’ve talked extensively about how to wash and dry swim trunks. If you’ve missed it here’s a quick summary. Swim trunks should be washed according to the wash label. In addition, they should be rinsed after use and should be dried properly. If you’ve read our other articles on how to wash swim trunks or …

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