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  • What swimsuit to wear over 50

    What Swimsuit to Wear as a Woman over 50?

    When shopping for swimsuits, we firmly believe you should pick something you love that makes you feel as fabulous as you are. With several exciting swimsuit styles to choose from offering plenty of coverage, material, style, and size options – there’s never been a better time to shop for a swimsuit! More important still, as the …

  • What swimsuits makes you look skinny

    What Swimsuit Makes you Look Skinny?

    It’s that time of year that’s starting to look a lot like swimwear shopping again. Maybe you haven’t quite managed to shed the Winter pounds or are just aiming to look as streamlined as possible. Perhaps you simply want to look and feel your best self. No matter your motivation for searching the question, “what swimsuit makes you …

  • Best swimsuit for body type

    Best Swimsuit for Your Body Type

    While there’s no rulebook for swimwear shopping, we know one thing for sure: learning how to shop for your body type is the key to finding a swimsuit you love, and that will make you feel confident this swimwear season. So, if you’ve found yourself asking, How do I choose a swimsuit for my body type? We have the …

  • Seamless swimwear that does not dig in

    Meet Seamless Swimwear: The Trendy Swimsuits That Don’t Dig in

    Regardless of your body type, shape, size, or swimwear preferences, the struggle of trying to find a figure-flattering, stylish swimsuit that doesn’t dig into your skin or leave red marks can be a huge challenge. Fortunately, there are factors aside from size and shape considerations that can help you hunt down the best anti-digging swimsuit for your unique body shape that …

  • Tankini

    Your Guide to the Tankini

    In the swimwear world, the tankini is a swimsuit design that’s always hot on the heels of the bikini and getting hotter by the year. But what do we really know about this reliable swimsuit design that’s been around for years and loved by all? We take a deep dive into the tankini below. What is a …

  • how to Tie a bikini

    How to tie a bikini: 4 Reliable & Creative Ways to Tie Your Bikini

    Whether you’re headed to a beach party, off to an alfresco brunch at your favorite restaurant, or simply preparing for your holidays, it’s always fun to show off your personal style through your swimwear style. Tying a bikini top may seem simple enough, right? In reality, there’s huge diversity when it comes to how you can tie …

  • One piece vs two piece swimsuit

    One-piece vs. Two-piece Swimsuit

    We’re taking on one of the oldest and most hotly-debated topics in the swimwear world: Is a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit better? At Decisive Beachwear, we’ve heard plenty of persuasive arguments for both sides and have even thrown our own swimwear expertise into the mix. After years of gathering knowledge in the industry and some careful deliberation on …

  • Swimsuit cover ups used in water

    Swimsuit Coverups you Can Wear in the Water

    Sometimes you just want a little extra coverage that you don’t have to take off before going for a refreshing dip. For those times, you may be tempted to sneak into the water wearing your coverup – think twice. Water and coverups don’t always go hand in hand, but don’t worry, there’s a solution: Swimsuit …

  • Protect your skin at the beach

    How to Protect your Skin From the Sun While at the Beach

    Your Summer or holiday goal is to relax at the beach without a care in the world. At Decisive Beachwear, we can’t encourage that enough but we do suggest you try to keep one care in mind: your skin’s health and wellbeing as you bask beneath the sun.  Learning how to protect your skin from …

  • Wetsuit vs swimsuit

    Wetsuits vs. Swimsuits

    It’s not every day you ask if a wetsuit is better than a swimsuit and vice versa. If you’ve been blissfully unaware of the swimwear world for some time, you might not even know where to start when answering this question. Fear not; we’re here to help. Here’s a quick wetsuit vs. swimsuit overview. While …

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