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  • Best swimsuit for pregnancy

    Best Swimsuit for Pregnancy

    So, you’re a soon-to-be mom – congratulations! But you probably already have too much on your mind to be asking, “what’s the best swimsuit for pregnancy?” So, to lighten your load, we asked the question for you. Here’s what we found: The best swimsuit for pregnancy is the perfect blend of stretchy, flexible, and super accommodating to …

  • Best swimsuit to hide FUPA

    Hide FUPA in swimsuit

    FUPA is no one’s friend. Not in jeans, not in a dress, and most certainly not in a swimsuit. But most of us have had to deal with that pesky bulge that leaves us asking, “how do I hide my FUPA in a swimsuit?”  We took the time to answer the question once and for …

  • Best swimsuit for cellulite thighs

    Best Swimsuit for Camouflaging Thigh Cellulite

    It’s one of the trickiest swimwear dilemmas. You want to wear your favorite swimsuit and feel flawless, but there’s just one little lumpy problem: that pesky cellulite that just won’t budge, leading us to ask, “How do you hide cellulite with a bathing suit?” We asked the same thing and did the research, so you don’t have …

  • Best swimsuits for love handles

    Hide Love Handles in a Swimsuit

    Sometimes, love handles are a fact of life. That doesn’t mean we all haven’t asked “how do I hide my love handles in a swimsuit?” once swimwear season rolls around again.  Love handles are those little lumps around the abdomen-hip area that have a habit of peeping out of swimsuits or creating a ‘sagging’ look. You can …

  • Best swimsuit for big thighs

    Best Swimsuit For Big Thighs

    Big thighs are in! That’s great news for the curvier among us. The bad news? Full thighs can be tough to squeeze into clothing that’s not designed for thick thighs – especially swimsuits.  Which leads us to the question, “What is the best swimsuit for big thighs?” What we found is that the best swimsuits for …

  • Can you return swimwear

    Can you return swimwear (worn and unworn)?

    Can you return swimwear? – Shopping for swimwear can be challenging. You need to figure out what kind of swimwear to go with, what design, and what color. After that, you should try on the swimsuit or swim trunks in a packed store and imagine yourself being at the beach or in the ocean. Not …

  • How to read wash label of swimsuit

    How to Read the Washing Label of a Swimsuit

    So, it’s time to wash your swimsuit. Crafted from a blend of polyester, spandex, and nylon, swimsuits are not just any other garment. Their delicate fabric requires a little extra care which can leave us scratching our heads, asking … How Can I Wash my Swimsuit? When confusion arises, that’s when you reach for your swimsuit’s washing …

  • How long does a swimsuit last

    How long does a swimsuit last?

    So, Summer’s around the bend. Or maybe just a trip to the local swimming pool. Perhaps you plan on going for a quick lake dip or taking a trip to a waterpark with friends.  Either way, no matter where you plan on taking the plunge, there’s one thing you’ll need – a swimsuit.  Panic sets in. …

  • How many swimsuits should you own

    How many swimsuits should you own?

    There comes a time in everyone’s life when they must ask themselves the question, “how many swimsuits should I own?” When Summer rolls around, and the swimwear collections roll out, it’s easy to get lost in the abundance of it all and become overwhelmed.  Or maybe your swimsuit drawer is just starting to overflow. Perhaps you’re moving …

  • Should you wear anything under womans swimsuit

    What to wear under a women’s swimsuit?

    For some women, wearing a swimsuit can leave them feeling a little off. If this sounds like you, you might have wondered if you should wear something under your swimsuit for extra comfort and coverage – and that’s okay.  It’s actually a question that a lot of women ask, and we have all of the …

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