• How to remove wrinkles from a swimsuit

    How to get wrinkles out of a swimsuit

    Swimsuits are often made from stretchy materials like spandex. They are therefore prone to becoming wrinkled, especially when being stored away for the whole off-season. Swimsuits can get wrinkles from being folded or squished in a suitcase or drawer, or from being hung on a hanger for too long. It’s essential to take the proper …

  • Best swimsuit for petite woman

    Best swimsuit for petite woman (short girl swimsuit guide)

    Hey girl! So, I know finding the perfect swimsuit can be a challenge for anyone, but for us petite girls it can be even harder. We need a swimsuit that doesn’t make us look like we’re drowning in fabric, but also doesn’t make us look like we’re wearing something meant for a child. In this …

  • Long sleeve swimsuit for babies

    The ultimate to long sleeve swimsuits for babies

    When it’s summertime and the sun is out we all love to be outside having fun. babies are no exception. However, babies’ skin is much more sensitive than adults, and they are much more susceptible to sunburn and other skin problems. You might have heard that babies and toddlers often use long sleeve swimsuits. Why …

  • Can you donate swimsuits

    Can you donate swimsuits

    Summer is almost here and for most of us, it’s time to go out and enjoy the sun and warm weather. However, for others it’s can be stressful. For those that live on a tight budget, having the luxury of having a range of bathing suits might seem very far off. Fortunately, there are ways …

  • How to get chlorine out of a swimsuit

    How to Get Chlorine out of a Swimsuit?

    Key Takeaway  The best way to take chlorine out of your swimsuit is by rinsing it with cold water immediately, or soaking it for about 30 minutes with baking soda/white vinegar. You could also use chlorine removal or regular non-toxic detergents that also eliminate the smell.   How to get Chlorine out of a Swimsuit After …

  • Hide underarm and armpit fat in swimsuit

    Best swimsuits to hide underarm fat and armpit fat

    Are you tired of feeling self-conscious about your underarm fat and armpit fat when you’re at the beach or pool? It’s a common issue that many women face, but there’s no need to let it hold you back from enjoying your time in the sun. In this article, we’ll be exploring the best swimsuits to …

  • Keep a strapless bandeau bikini top in place

    How to Keep a Strapless Bandeau Bikini Top in Place?

    There’s a reason that both bandeau and triangle bikini tops are consistently among the top swimwear styles chosen: they are both versatile, fashionable, and flattering. Strapless necklines are also still going strong, thanks to the rise of bandeau dresses and corsets. Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski have become the poster girls for the 2022 tube top movement that’s expected to …

  • How to stretch a bikini bottom

    How to stretch out bikini bottoms?

    For some of us, the chance to wear swimwear rarely arises. Our swimsuits remain firmly tucked away in the swimsuit drawer until Summer arises or a friend invites us to pool pilates. Suddenly, you’re faced with the prospect of trying on last year’s swimsuit, and we all know how much our bodies can change day to day, …

  • Dri fit for swimming

    Dri Fit for Swimming

    While first invented for golfers in 1991, Nike first released its Dri-FIT line of products to the general public in the early 2000s. Since, it’s gone down a hit with athletes who enjoy the performance-boosting effects of having sweat expertly wicked away from their skin, allowing it to evaporate while keeping them cool.  The short answer …

  • Fix a faded swimsuit

    How to Fix a Fading Swimsuit in Minutes

    It happens. You purchase the dazzling swimsuit of your dreams. It’s vivid, eye-catching, and just the right color – you’re in love. Then the inevitable heart-shattering event occurs. You sport it confidently to the beach just once, and you take home a different swimsuit. It looks a little off-color, drab, dull – you might even call it …

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