Flamingo swim shorts


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  • -Quick-dry-technology
  • -Mid length
  • -Two side pockets
  • -One back pocket with a secure Velcro flap
  • -Secure credit card pocket
  • -Fine mesh linen for all-day-comfort
  • -Machine washable
  • 3 year guarantee

Blue flamingo swim shorts

Introducing Decisive Blue Flamingo swim shorts! Looking for flamingo beachwear that will make a statement? Ready for something smart, casual, and amazingly comfortable for your next vacation? Decisive Beachwear brings you men’s designer swim shorts with a colourful, playful twist and loads of flamingos!

flamingo swim shorts ocean

What do people say about the flamingo swim trunks?

“I love the flamingos, these are sharp!”

“I love the blue color, and the flamingo pattern is great”

“What’s more tropical than flamingos?”

Stand out like the flamingos!

Flamingos are found everywhere in nature, from the Caribbean coast to the heart of Kenya’s luscious plains. At Decisive Beachwear, we’ve been truly inspired by flamingos to create something memorable, tons of fun, and perfect for all-day comfort. We did this with the beautiful flamingo as inspiration. So, we designed our luxury, high-end flamingo men’s designer swim shorts while dreaming of tropical coasts, cool breezes, and all the joys of a swimming pool in summer and the magnificent flamingo.

flamingos in kenya

Men’s flamingo swim trunks

Whether you’re headed for a sunny vacation in the Mediterranian, a beautiful weekend getaway with the family, or hitting the turquoise surf at Bondi, you deserve to do it in flamingo style. And at Decisive Beachwear, we, and the flamingos, are all about combining smart, modern style with enviable comfort, every single time.

Designing flamingo swim shorts

Our flamingo men’s designer swim shorts are designed for style and comfort, with a cheeky flamingo pattern to get you in the summer spirit! The flamingos are red and set against a beautiful light background inspired by the great blue yonder, there’s no better way to get in the flamingo spirit. Flamingo swim shorts are simply a no-brainer.

Pool with flamingo swim trunks

Flamingo beachwear for a Decisive lifestyle

At Decisive Beachwear, we’re inspired by all the good things in life, especially flamingos. From long days spent lying on warm white sands, to the rustle of palm leaves and seductive harmony of washing waves. The Decisive flamingo lifestyle is about taking those moments and making them truly yours, forever. Just like the flamingos do!

That’s why we make only the most comfortable flamingo designer swim shorts for all-day wear. Based on our own experiences, we know beachwear should be comfortable first and foremost. To be honest, we’d also had enough of changing after the beach just to get ready to take our hustle elsewhere, which is why Decisives flamingo swim shorts are made specifically for all-day comfort. So you can go straight from the ocean to the beach club in your flamingo swim shorts.

Designer swimwear – Intuitive flamingo design

All our flamingo men’s swim shorts are made with quick-dry technology, so they’re ideal for a quick trip to a seaside cafe for a bite to eat. There’s no need to sit around in wet swim shorts while you’re enjoying your lunch…or a killer cocktail! Heading to a restaurant, driving from one spot to another, and hitting the beach bar all becomes effortless when you no longer need to change your clothes each time. We’re about awesome convenience that lasts all day long! Do it all in the flamingo swim trunks!

Flamingo details shorts

Our blue flamingo swim shorts also come with two side pockets so you can store all the little things that make life easier. With your cell phone right there, you’ll be able to take selfies and capture that awesome trip to remember forever. For essentials you prefer to keep safe, all our men’s designer swim trunks come with a clever back pocket—the ideal place to keep keys, cards, cash, headphones, and other items that you want to be stored safely. Use your simple and secure Velcro flap to keep everything together and in one place, your flamingo swim shorts. From beach soccer and water polo to bike riding and plain old mucking around, you won’t have to worry about losing anything. You can relax just like the flamingos do!

Our blue flamingo shorts are mid-length for a smart summer look and even come with a secure credit card pocket hidden away in the ultra-comfy inner lining. If you’re dying for a cold drink or ice cream, there’s no need to carry around a wallet that’s easily lost the second you start getting active. Because the fine mesh linen sits so softly against your skin, you’ll barely feel like you’re wearing them, either. Made from smooth, comfortable, ultrasoft polyester, you will be ready to wear your men’s designer swim shorts all day long. Because who wants to worry about carrying things around on vacation?

Because flamingos rock!

Our blue flamingo swim shorts were inspired by the crystalline blue of Lake Nakuru, Kenya, where stunning pink flamingos live the dream amongst captivating scenery of a lush National Park. Wanting to capture the gorgeous natural vibe and feeling the sun against your skin, we dreamed up the best things we could think of and put them together. For you to have fun in the sun!

If you’re daydreaming about splashing around in a pool, lake, or soaking up the rays on safari, we’ve designed all high-end men’s designer swim shorts just for you.

Luxury flamingo swim shorts

Like all our other men’s swim shorts, our blue flamingo beachwear is easily machine washable. They’re made for easy and hassle-free cleaning wherever you are—if you’re staying at a coastal villa, beachside hotel, or anywhere you feel like exploring. Unlike other brands, you won’t need to worry about turning them inside out, washing them separately, or any other nonsense. Our colourfast, clear and visible prints won’t fade or become worn out in the laundry. Simply wash, go, and live your life.

Decisive Beachwear offers international shipping as well as a huge range of sizes. With men’s designer swim shorts in small, medium, large, and extra large, they’re great for both kids and adults. And with handy metal stoppers on the drawstrings, you can enjoy a perfect fit while never having to struggle because they’ve become lost in the waistband!

We even guarantee your swim shorts for three years, with top calibre stitching and a careful attention to detail that flatters and will have you looking as confident as you feel.

Blue flamingo swim shorts for a Decisive lifestyle

At Decisive Beachwear, we, and the flamingos, are committed to high quality and stunning aesthetics. All our men’s designer swim shorts are built to last—no matter how hard you rock it. From beach cafe to surfing and sunbathing, we’ve got you covered. In true flamingo style!

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